Xitronix' Photo-Modulation Reflectance (PMR) systems are designed to provide precision control for dopant activation and strained silicon processes for advanced 45 nm process technologies and beyond. Xitronix has incorporated laser technologies to achieve new metrology capabilities based on the optical detection of semiconductor electronic properites. The Xitronix platforms fully support industry automation requirements and meet SEMI standards.


Product overview

  • Precise, non-destructive characterization of active dopant profile in Ultra-Shallow Junctions
  • Precise, non-destructive measurement of strain in ultra-thin strained Si layers
  • Process control for Milli-Second Anneal
  • Process control for Strained Si/SiGe
  • Process control for dopant activation in strained Si/SiGe
  • On-product measurement capability on SIMS boxes, test structures and patterned features
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