Fab Tool

The Xitronix XP700 System is a high throughput, fully automated 300 mm measurement system designed to meet the manufacturing needs of advanced process semiconductor manufacturers. The XP700 incorporates the proven dopant activation and strain measurement capabilities of the Xitronix PMR technology in a fully automated platform suited for real-time process control of advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes. Established capabilities include the characterization of ultra-shallow junction (USJ) formation using milli-second anneals and the characterization of strain in silicon and silicon-germanium nanostructures. Features include a GUI which allows users to define recipes for R&D and process control of dopant activation and strained silicon processes. Precise tool matching and repeatability are achieved through the use of stabilized diode lasers and robust calibration protocols. System flexibility ensures excellent process control capability on virtually any active Si structure. Xitronix' 300mm platform provides the unique advantage of being directly sensitive to electronic properties of Si nanostructures, while meeting all the process control criteria of a fully automated manufacturing environment.

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